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Power Rangers Dash


= Game Features = ◆Over 50 different Power Rangers with unique skills◆ Choose 3 of your favorite Rangers from our growing library of Power Rangers and do battle with minions and monsters, in this endless running action app! Play as one of 3 Rangers, even Morph into a Megazord using special coins found during gameplay◆Easy and simple controls◆ Control three Power Rangers at once! Jump, double jump, even attack
◆Choose three available Rangers and RUN!, RUN!, RUN!◆ All three Rangers run and attack simultaneously, control all three with the push of a button.
◆ Play again in a snap!◆ Earn “E-Coins” by defeating minions and monsters alike! Power up and upgrade your Ranger with E-Coins!
◆Team up! ◆ Choose 3 Rangers from the same Ranger team and unlock bonus secret attacks! Upgrade those Rangers to “A-grade Rangers” and experience even more powerful action!
◆ Summon your Megazord!◆ Summon a Megazord for exciting attacks
◆Bonus Stage!◆ New bonus levels open daily!
◆Sound◆ Background audio track adds excitement to the gameplay!
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